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Tragedy and trauma are an everyday reality for fire fighters and paramedics, and can lead to behavioral health issues, including addiction, substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, a potentially disabling condition that can impact one in five firefighters and paramedics at some point in their career. A host of additional behavioral health issues can also emerge, including anxiety, depression and even suicide.

The Center of Excellence gives IAFF Members the specialized treatment they need in taking the first steps toward recovery and return to the job.


24/7 Call Center (855) 900-8437

visit the Center's website for more information:


If you have any questions and are not ready to call the Call Center feel free to contact the Local's Peer Support Coordinator in the Office or on his cell phone.

Need Peer Support for Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, or any other need for assistance. Reach out to us on the Office number 301-762-6611 or call our Peer Support Coordinator on his cell phone. Eric Fessenden 410-310-3085

BEEF BROTHERS: If you are interested in helping out with the BEEF Brothers Contact Brother Mark Davies. You can email him at [email protected]

Motorcycle Riders: If you are interested in joining the Local 1664 Motorcycle Group contact Brother Dave Fikar at Station 12 B-Shift.

Upcoming Events / Dates To Remember

The 2020 General Membership Meetings will be on the Following dates:

Wednesday January 15th 0800 @ Station 34

Tuesday February 11th 1900 @ Station 18

Tuesday March 3rd 1900 @ Station 18

Wednesday April 15th 0800 @ Station 34

Tuesday May 12th 1900 @ Station 18

Tuesday June 9th 1900 @ Station 32

Wednesday July 15th 0800 @ Station 34

August 4th 1900 @ Station 18

September 8th 1900 @ Station 32

October 14th 0800 @ Station 34

November 10th 1900 @ Station 18

December 8th 1900 @ Station 32

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Attention Retirees

Have you let your Membership with the Montgomery County Career Firefighters Association IAFF Local 1664, lapse?

Do you want to be reinstated?

It is a very easy process.

You would need to fill out a membership application

The reinstatement fee with the International is $10.00

The yearly dues for retirees is $81.00

Email [email protected] with your request for reinstatement and your mailing address.

Upon receipt of your request a membership application and letter restating this information will be mailed to you with a self addressed stamped envelope to send your application and fee back to the Local.

Your application will be acted upon the first membership meeting after receipt of your application and funds and you will be reinstated into our great local.

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Thursday, March 1st: 2nd VP Brennan, Committee Chair Wallace, and Ms. Jan Wilson from the Red Devils for a presentation of a donation of the proceeds of the 2017 Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel Campaign.

The $14,000 donated will go to support residents of Montgomery County, Maryland in their fight against Breast Cancer.

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